IT presents an extremely diverse array of issues. WizzIT is able to resolve most common issues experienced by home and business users alike; and if not, then at least able to point the client in the right direction. Where practicable, we can come to you and fix systems on-site or in your home.

Virus & Malware Removal

WizzIT can remove assist with removing most virus, malware or ransomware infections using an array of tools and help clients to stop it from happening again.

System Health Checks & "Clean Up"

If your computer seems like it isn't running as well as it should then get in contact, there are numerous methods to improve the speed of your computer and WizzIT has them all covered.

Operating System Installation

WizzIT can help with upgrading (or downgrading) your Windows or macOS operating systems or reinstalling them if required.

Hard Disk Drive Replacement & Upgrades

Hard Disk Drives don't last forever, WizzIT can clone your existing data to new, faster performing and larger capacity hard drives if required. For a huge performance increase ask about a Solid State Hard Drive.

Hardware Fault Finding

WizzIT can help pin point failing and faulty hardware components in desktop and laptop computers.

Data Backup & Recovery

If you don't have a copy of your important data stored somewhere other than on your computer then be prepared to lose it. WizzIT can help with automated data backup and recovery for home and business users. Single computers or larger networks as well.

System Upgrades

Computer just not cutting it any more? WizzIT can upgrade CPU's, hard disk drives, memory (RAM), power supplies and most other computer components.

Custom PC Building

Need something specific? Whether you need specific individual components or a computer built from scratch. WizzIT can sort it.

iPhone & iPad Repairs

Smashed iPhone & iPad repairs are so common I had to dedicate a whole web page to it. Visit the iPhone Repair page for more information.
WizzIT is by no-means limited to the listed items above. If you have a computer or IT related issue that doesn't fit into any of those categories do not hesitate to get in contact to rectify your specific issue.
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